MiniK10 NFC/PIN Cam-Lock

  • MiniK 10 optional models feature RFID Prox-card + Pin, Mifare and NFC Technology
  • 4 Digit User Code (code to lock and open or manual lock and code only to open)
  • 6-Digit Master Override Code (opening and feature programming)
  • 5-Digit Supervisor Code (override opening only)
  • Anti-keypad tamper alarm and lockout
  • Low battery warning with Emergency external power access point
  • Powered by 3V Lithium Battery with up to 10 year life
  • Audible annunciation on keypad actions (mutable)
  • Red and Green LED Visual Annunciation
  • Multi-User Share Mode – any user can enter any 4-digit code to lock and unlock                                                                                
  • Permanent User share Mode – permanent user code
  • Available in Vertical or Horizontal models.
  • Available in Black or White colour.

NFC Note: NFC models have Near Field Technology that enables User access vis PIN and administrator programming/management of locks using any Android device with Kilitronik “Hopinlock’ Free App