EDA Model 1080D (EM4100 125KHz) and 1080R (1K 13.56MHz Mifare) Combined digital and RFID locker lock


Electronic RFID Card and/or Digital Code operated locker lock.
Battery powered by 4 x AAA batteries.
10mm polished alloy body with modern architectural designed integrated pull handle.
Stainless steel lock box with integrated battery compartment.
10-digit large legible alpha-numeric keypad buttons 2 Function buttons and integrated RFID card reader.
Uses a Digital alpha-numeric keypad for entering numeric and/or password user codes.
Owner, Master and User codes can be from 1-9 digits and/or letters in length.
1080D (Prox)     Uses EM4100 125Khz RFID Cards or PIN  
1080R (Mifare) Uses 13.56MHz Mifare 1K Cards or PIN
Choose Cards, Fobs or Wristbands or any combination of all for Owner, Master and Locker User access.
Public One-Time-User Mode (accepts any 1-9 length codes).
Permanent User Mode (fixed user code 1-9 digits long. User code is changeable by user without tools).
Mifare Model offers optional Programmable ‘auto unlock’   feature from 0001 to 1440 minutes to open lock automatically after a set time to deter extended use or ownership of locker.
Anti-tamper incorrect card/code alarm.
Secret code feature allows user to enter any digits before entering their real code to protect integrity of their password/PIN.
Forced Door alarm if latch opened without card or PIN.
Lock status LED flashes when locker is in use.  
Low battery voltage alarm.
Emergency power input in event of flat batteries.
Double deadbolt locking mechanism with dual-hole striker plate.

· Keypad  sound mute
· Additional Master Keys (up to 8)
· Auto Unlock Feature  (Mifare models only) programmable between 1-1440 minutes to  deter USERS form extended use of lockers
· Desk Top Card programmer for new  users
· Audit Card for downloading up to last 1000 openings