Metal vs Plastic Lockers – Which One Is Better for Your Home or School?

Have you decided to install lockers at your home or school/college? Then choosing the material for the lockers is definitely the next factor you should think about. There are two major choices at your disposal – metal and plastic. Let’s take a quick look at the advantages and drawbacks of both, so that you can make a more informed decision about the choice the serves your purposes the best.

With metal lockers, initial costs are always high

Metal is obviously more expensive than plastic, not just to buy, but also to install. Metal lockers made for home or school use are heavy and a real pain to move. In fact, if you are buying a large set of metal lockets for your school or college, you might need to hire a forklift to move them from the dealer’s store to your school. This adds considerably to the installation costs. Plastic lockers are more budget-friendly, not just to buy, but also to install.

Metal lockers are more durable than plastic lockers

This is quite obvious, isn’t it? Metal lockers are undoubtedly way more durable than plastic lockers will ever be. They are a lot more resistant to regular wear and tear than plastic lockers. Naturally, they last much longer and are more economical than plastic lockers in the long run. So, if you expect the lockers to sustain heavy usage on a regular basis, then metal makes for a better choice than plastic.

Plastic lockers are available in various colours

If you want metal lockers to bear the colours of your school/college, then you will need to get them painted, which will increase the initial costs to a great extent. Plastic lockers, on the other hand, are available in a wide range of colours, which makes it likely that you will find them in the colours you want anyway. This helps bring down initial costs.

Plastic lockers are easy to clean

Keeping lockers clean and hygienic can be a pain if you buy metal ones. After all, they are more prone to catch stains from exposure to chemicals and moisture. Also, if the paint flakes off at places, then the exposed metal can rust on prolonged contact with moisture. Plastic lockers are more resistant to stains and cleaning them is also quite easy. All it takes is a good rub with a wet cloth to get a plastic locker spotlessly clean.

Bottom line – both metal and plastic lockers have plus and minus points. Be sure to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each, before you make the final decision. You can also give us a quick call at 07 5574 5060, for advice.