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Metal Lockers Help You Prevent Spread of Germs… Here’s How!

Do you run a healthcare centre or a school? Then you need to work towards preventing the spread of germs in any way possible. Uncontrolled spread of microbes can lead to potentially life-threatening situations, not to mention bring the threat of lawsuits, if it is found that your facility lacks the necessary measures to prevent germ outbreaks. The danger of microbe outbreaks can occur at schools as well, since kids can be horribly lax with hygiene. Disaster awaits on the other side of one missed (or rather, neglected) hand wash. In all of these situations, metal lockers can form your first line of defense.

Metal forms a bad surface for bacteria to grow

Unless the metal surface is rusty and has a spongy texture, bacteria find it difficult to rest on the smooth metal surface for long. Also, rust-free metal does not hold moisture. Thus, even if some bacteria are left on the surface, they die quickly due to lack of moisture. As such, metal should be your number one material of choice for lockers, especially in sensitive locations like schools and medical facilities.

Metal lockers are easy to clean

As long as you choose metals like stainless steel for the lockers, they will be very easy to clean for janitors, or even the users themselves. One good wipe with a cloth moistened in a germicide solution is all it takes to remove all germs from metal locker shelves. As such, keeping them clean is much easier than lockers made of materials like wood.

Metal lockers help you prevent germ outbreaks at sensitive locations like schools and medical facilities. This property of metal lockers can come in handy even if you own facilities of other types. Want to install metal lockers? Get in touch with us at 07 5574 5060 for prompt service.