3 Major Types of Lockers Available for Students Across Australia That You Should Know About

Are you planning to install lockers for students of your school or college? Then, you should decide which type of lockers you want to buy, before you do anything else. Deciding on various factors like the material the lockers would be made of, the colours they would sport and above all, the level of security they should provide will help you plan your expenses better. Here are the major varieties of lockers available for students in Australia. Take a look and make a purchase decision that works best for you, before you start contacting student locker suppliers across your city.

Plastic lockers – Inexpensive, colourful and silent

if you cannot afford to allocate a sizeable budget, then investing in plastic lockers makes sense. After all, these are inexpensive and easy to move from the dealer’s storehouse to your organisation. They are available in a plethora of colours, which means you can get lockers in the colours of your school or college. Besides, plastic lockers are quite hardy, fire resistant (provided you can spend a little extra for fire resistant plastic) and of course, highly durable, not to mention easy to clean. As a bonus, these lockers also generate much less noise when opened or closed. That might not sound like much, but think of the time when a hundred students will open and close their lockers repeatedly during school hours. The constant clanging can be quite distracting.

Metal lockers – Tough, corrosion resistant and long lasting

This one should be obvious. After all, what can beat metal in durability? Problem is – this benefit comes at a much higher price than other varieties of lockers. The initial costs of buying the lockers, moving them to your facilities and installing them will require deep pockets. However, considering how durable the lockers are, they should pay for themselves within a few years. Also, since the lockers are made of stainless steel, you can expect them to resist moisture and corrosion, not to mention the stress of constant usage for a long time to come. Apply a layer of paint on top for even better resistance to accidental spills of acidic juices and other beverages.

Laminate lockers – Stylish, durable and easy to move

If you are looking for lockers to match your existing decor, then laminate lockers might be excellent options for you. The look of the lockers can be completely customised as per your requirements. What’s more – the lockers are made of tough, lightweight plastic, which means they last long and can be moved around, should you choose to move the furniture around a few months down the line.

So, are you ready to start looking for lockers? Be sure to keep an eye out for dealers offering school lockers for sale, as well. Their deals can help you save quite a bit on the lockers of your choice. You can also give us a call at 07 5574 5060, for helpful advice.