How Investing in Staff Lockers Can Help Both You and Your Employees

How many expensive gadgets do your staff members bring to office? If we were to guess – 2 to 3 on an average, counting smartphones, music players and perhaps even PDAs. Naturally, protecting those devices from theft and accidental damage becomes a major issue, even if you tell employees to bring devices to work at their own risk. The best way to ensure security of those devices is to provide your employees with personal lockers. If you haven’t allocated any budget to staff locker installation yet, perhaps it is time you did that. This will not only protect your employees’ belongings, but also your reputation, since thefts within your office facilities speak quite poorly about the security you offer to your employees.

Here’s what you should keep in mind when choosing the lockers:

Security, of course

This is definitely the primary requirement, since employees will not only store their valuables in the lockers, but also sensitive documents. Make sure that the doors of the lockers are secure enough that they cannot be pried open without considerable effort. That should discourage any would-be pilferer. Also, check the locks. Be sure that they are hard to pick. This is the most important reason you are buying lockers, so do not neglect this step.

Durability is important, obviously

The lockers are going to withstand considerable punishment on a daily basis, with employees opening and closing them repeatedly. So, you need to ensure that you only invest in lockers that can withstand a lot of rough usage. Open and close the doors of one of the lockers repeatedly, to see how it holds up. Be sure to apply a little more force than you usually would.

Fire resistance is always good to have

Remember that employees will not only keep their electronic gadgets in the lockers. Chances are they will also store important documents and perhaps even money in those. Lockers made of fire resistant plastic would be able to provide adequate protection to these.

Easy to clean lockers are great for janitors

Removing tough stains from the bodies of lockers can be a nightmare for janitors. If you invest in plastic lockers, however, cleaning might be quite easy. All it will take is a good rub with a wet cloth to make the lockers look good as new. Besides, lockers made of plastic will not retain stains, either.

Are you ready to start shopping for lockers, then? Give us a call at 0755745060, for good advice, before you begin. What’s more – we also offer locker installation services across Australia, to ensure you can get the lockers ready for your employees without lifting a finger.