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3 Reasons Steel Lockers Are Excellent Options For Your Business Facility

Steel lockers are not just for gyms and schools. In fact, more and more business owners are installing these lockers at diverse locations – from libraries to corporate offices, from departmental stores to medical facilities, or pretty much any place that is open to the public and where the staff members need impenetrable store solutions for their belongings while they are at work. When you consider the benefits of steel lockers, it is easy to see why they are widely preferred over other variants. Continue reading

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Metal Lockers Help You Prevent Spread of Germs… Here’s How!

Do you run a healthcare centre or a school? Then you need to work towards preventing the spread of germs in any way possible. Uncontrolled spread of microbes can lead to potentially life-threatening situations, not to mention bring the threat of lawsuits, if it is found that your facility lacks the necessary measures to prevent germ outbreaks. The danger of microbe outbreaks can occur at schools as well, since kids can be horribly lax with hygiene. Disaster awaits on the other side of one missed (or rather, neglected) hand wash. In all of these situations, metal lockers can form your first line of defense. Continue reading

Metal vs Plastic Lockers – Which One Is Better for Your Home or School?

Have you decided to install lockers at your home or school/college? Then choosing the material for the lockers is definitely the next factor you should think about. There are two major choices at your disposal – metal and plastic. Let’s take a quick look at the advantages and drawbacks of both, so that you can make a more informed decision about the choice the serves your purposes the best. Continue reading

Seven Important Advantages of Metal Lockers Installation

Lockers are most commonly used commodities in today’s world. When it comes to storing, men have choose these lockers for their secure keeping. Locker is a cabinet that is narrow, sometimes in chain, sometimes single piece, used for keeping goods and storing them in secure way. There are many types of lockers that you will find these days, from plastic lockers, custom lockers, and the traditional steel or metal lockers. These things are used in various places, be it public, or be it private. When it comes to storing men look for good quality locker. You can see locker in banks, schools, washrooms, bedrooms etc. With the change in place the need also change. You must keep your locker according to the place where you are installing it. Continue reading