Quality Lockers: Safety & Storage Lockers from QLD, Australia

Quality Lockers was founded in 2010 by Allan Barker and Joel Barker: a father-and-son team. Since then, the company has become known for durable, fairly priced, top-quality lockers throughout Australia.

Whether you’re looking for plastic lockers, metal-and-steel lockers, laminate lockers or a unique custom storage unit, we can help. With 25 years of experience in the plastic industry alone and a 15-year warranty on every locker that we sell, you know you’re getting quality storage each and every time.

If you’re considering buying a locker or locker system, call us for a free, no-obligations quote – and a full list of customisation options, including size; colour; body footprint; shelf spacing.

If you’re looking for Premium Plastic Lockers Manufacturers – especially in QLD, Australia, where we’re based – definitely shoot us a line. We’d love to help you find the best deal possible by sharing what we know about our industry, free of charge.

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Plastic Storage Cabinets & Lockers in Australia

Plastic lockers are lightweight, easy to transport and safe for children of all ages. They’re also waterproof, which makes them perfect for swimming pools, changing rooms, surf clubs, gyms and other areas that  tend to get wet often and/or need frequent cleaning. 

Other plastic locker benefits include:

Attractive Colours – come in a variety of shapes and colours and can fit the design of any building.

Low maintenance – easy to clean with a rag and some water, or a simple hose-down. Plastic lockers don’t need frequent re-painting.

Space – Efficient – You can stack plastic storage lockers in any way you like and move them around easily to save space and have flexible shelving options.

Rust and Graffiti-Proof – rust-proof and highly resistant to vandalism.

Less Sound Pollution- silent, because there isn’t any of the door-slamming that you get with metal ones.

Security – compatible with padlocks and combination locks, eliminating the need to shut plastic lockers with force.

Custom Design – custom design your plastic locker to look whichever way you want. Plastic polymer will give the whole system uniformity and a professional look.

Whether you want a plastic gym locker or have any other kind of use in mind, we’ll be able to meet your needs and wants.

 See Our Lockers Gallery for images. 

Metal Lockers

We work with Australia’s leading Metal Locker Manufacturers to provide storage units renowned for their durability and strength. Our lockers are built with cold-rolled steel and then powder coated to provide the best rust protection available on the market – so you know your locker is built to last.

As a testament to our belief in our lockers’ durability, they come with a 15-year warranty. They’re available in heights of up to 180 cm, made-to-order from local manufacturers, and painted in a colour of your choice.

In the near future, we are planning to start providing roll-up and foldable doors for metal lockers. Call us today to learn more about which options are already available!

Advantages of metal lockers include:

Durability – built to last many years and strong enough to handle frequent use and even most vandalism attempts

Security – more difficult to break into or damage than plastic lockers

Your choice of colour – these metal units can be finished in a large choice of colours to fit in with the environment

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Top-Quality Steel Locker in Australia

Our steel lockers, like their metal counterparts, are produced by local manufacturers here in Australia. They’re made with the finest cold-rolled steel and coated with a finish of your choice, for the highest level of rust protection available.

All of our lockers come with a 15-year warranty and are made in a variety of sizes. With all our height and colour options, you’ll be sure to find the right lockers for your sports club, bank, gym or office.

Like our metal lockers, these durable, rust-resistant units provide extra security and durability – important if your organisation is a bank, post office or police station, where protecting property is key.

 For Images, View our Lockers Gallery

Laminate Lockers

Quality Lockers is happy and proud to deliver top-tier plastic laminate lockers in Australia. Our products are durable, reliable and renowned across the nation.

Our convenient location in Queensland allows us to ship lockers across all of Australia and overseas. Laminate lockers are durable, and can be used in offices; hotels; gyms; hospitals; industrial units. Our lockers are made to fit and can be easily secured so your guests, staff, patients or students are safe from theft.

The benefits of laminate lockers are:

  • Design – laminate lockers come in a variety of colour-ways, sizes, designs and can be made to fit in any setting.
  • Affordability – laminate lockers are both inexpensive to buy and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Light weight – so they can be installed and relocated anytime you need to move them.
  • Washable – being made of plastic, these are graffiti-proof, which makes them perfect for public places with a lot of people traffic. They’re also rust-proof so you can wash them as many times as you need.
  • Sturdiness – our laminate lockers are made from high-quality, heavy-duty compact laminate and can handle any challenge that comes their way. Count on them lasting you a long time.

When you work with us, you can customise your laminate lockers by choosing their body footprint, height, door number, and locks. Whatever your needs are, you can count on Quality Lockers to meet them for a reasonable price and with outstanding quality.


Secure Lockers with Multiple Customisation Options

Quality Lockers manufactures premium plastic lockers for your use. With our 25 years of experience in the plastics industry, you can count on your lockers being light, durable and presentable. We’ve got everything you need, from plastic sports lockers to plastic school lockers – and everything in between, too.

We’re also proud to offer laminate, metal and steel lockers made by locker manufacturers here in Australia.

 All of our lockers come with security options like:

  • Pad lockable cam locks
  • Mechanical cam locks
  • Digital pin locks
  • RFID locks
  • NFC locks

You can also select shelving arrangements and the number of doors in your lockers. No matter how big or small the space available to you, we’ll help you choose and install the best lockers for your needs. You can print your company name or logo on the doors if you want. You can also have your choice of colour when ordering in bulk – another opportunity to customise your lockers.

Strong and durable; low maintenance; treated for rust and graffiti resistance. All of these factors ensure that the lockers manufactured and sold by Quality Lockers are not just cost effective, but secure and safe, too.

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Plastic, Laminate or Metal Lockers for Commercial Use & Hire

Need to store your jumpers, jackets and quilts somewhere this summer? Planning to attend an event outside your city and need a locker to store your belongings? Whatever the reason, there are times we need extra storage options to keep our belongings secure.

That’s why we provide plastic lockers and plastic cabinets for commercial storage organisations. For those who prefer other materials, we’ve also got metal, steel and plastic laminate alternatives.

Our lockers are versatile, with shelves that can be removed and reinstalled as per your needs; fitted with your preferred lock; customised with a colour of your choice. Our clients find that our service is far and away the best in Australia – and we think you will, too.

(Metal, steel, and plastic laminate hire lockers are also available). 

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Delivery & Installation

Our installation team is equipped with the latest tools and techniques for a picture-perfect installation of lockers that’s fast, efficient and professional. Our rates are reasonable and our service is reliable – which is why we’re a popular name in locker installation and not just retail.

First, our team prepares your site for installation. Then we come up with a way to get the lockers up efficiently and neatly. Once we do, we clear all the debris and leave your facilities the way we found them.

To find out more, simply mail us your specifications or call us to find out more about purchasing lockers from Quality Lockers. When shipping long-distance, we take special care in packaging our orders to make sure they reach you the exact same way we ship them.

Our lockers start at $30 per door, depending on the size and design, and ordering with us is easy. Simply pay 50% of the order forward, and the rest – after delivery and installation.

And if you’ve already got a locker system and are looking for someone to install it the right way, or perform maintenance, we’d love to help. Our staff is friendly and trained to work with all the locker. They’re our key to ensuring your satisfaction no matter what the job is.

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